Other Investments

The AgTrade Group invests in technologies for global best practice in agribusiness supply chains.


AgTrade’s proprietary in-house LivestockOne traceability software platform has been developed over ten years to provide automated and auditable livestock traceability anywhere in the world, from property-of-origin to end-market. LivestockOne can operate remotely, even in areas with no internet coverage. A future key focus is significant capital investment in further development of an enhanced range of biosecurity, ESCAS and broader traceability applications.

Indonesian Investments

AgTrade has invested as part of a consortium, including Indonesian operating partner PT Rumpinary Agro-Industry and Indonesian investment partner PT Labuan Mitra Tradatika, which has acquired an 8,200 head feedlot in Lampung, Java, and a chilled-product abattoir in Bogor. Through this investment, we aspire to further develop beef markets in Indonesia for the benefit of local consumers and other stakeholders across the supply chain.


AgTrade invests in start-up biosecurity products and technologies when appropriate opportunities arise, to leverage existing group skills and relationships. In consortium with a major international aid-provider, AgTrade is presently sourcing and supplying biosecurity products to support Australian COVID-19 protection efforts.

Nature-Based Solutions

Supporting landholders to reduce their carbon footprint is critical to ensuring the continued sustainability of the agriculture industry. AgTrade’s newest entity, NatureBase, works with producers and interested landholders to implement carbon reduction strategies and capitalise on emerging environmental market opportunities. We help to clear the noise and confusion, enabling producers to explore sustainable farming practices and the carbon market, while preserving livestock production as their core business.

Livestock One