AgTrade is global livestock, genetics, and food security group, headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.

We are proud to operate a diversified portfolio of global export agribusinesses, developed over almost 50 years.

Our vision

We feed the world with purpose, creativity & care

Our mission

Together we build creative & sustainable solutions for people, partners & global food security

Our values

Purpose & care

We operate with purpose and care in everything we do


We challenge the status quo


We embrace reality, learn from our mistakes & celebrate achievements


We operate with agile determination

Customer focus

We build successful partnerships

Be real

We operate with authenticity, trust & humility

Enjoy life

We support personal growth & a balanced lifestyle

Our economic and employment contribution

We are a significant part of the Australian and New Zealand rural economy, contributing hundreds of millions of dollars every year to rural and regional economies in both nations – most of which is paid to Australian and New Zealand primary producers and related rural businesses.

We have more than 250 team members located across Australia, New Zealand, and trading partner nations. We have valued long-term relationships with over 10,000 farming and primary production businesses.

Our heritage, ownership and experience

AgTrade and its predecessor entities have been operating continuously for almost half a century. Previously part of the Consolidated Pastoral Company, the business was taken private by management-led direct investment in 2009. The ownership and leadership team has maintained strong continuity, also expanding as the group has grown.

We invest in accordance with three core principles

Reflecting the diversified nature of AgTrade’s portfolio of businesses, each entity within the group operates with considerable autonomy, and individual reputational and P&L responsibilities, while still observing a number of group-wide policies and governance requirements. Key shared values which are part of the AgTrade group way of doing business include:

Customer focus

The fundamental purpose of any business is to create a satisfied customer. All AgTrade companies seek to “work back from what the customer wants” as a first-principle. We are pleased to have within the group many continuing relationships with customers who have been with us long-term, in some cases two decades or more.

Capital and cost discipline

Economic success sustains and funds all other facets of sustainability. The centralised AgTrade group platform raises and provides both equity and debt capital to the portfolio with a strong focus on capital and financial disciplines, and delivering long-term satisfactory returns for all our stakeholders, across market cycles.


The never-ending drive to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders across a broad range of “triple bottom line” measures is part of what we believe sustainability is all about. We strive to achieve sustained global excellence in agribusiness, animal husbandry and welfare, veterinary practice and technology, food security, carbon efficiency, and performance. It is a priority of AgTrade that all businesses in which it invests achieve long-term sustainability.