Breeder Livestock and Genetics

Many nations will always need to import cattle and livestock genetics for food security, biosecurity and vital herd replenishment reasons. The AgTrade Group portfolio includes the breeder cattle export and genetics businesses outlined below, all dedicated to best-practice standards of animal husbandry and welfare.

Global Breeder Cattle

Our markets:

Through established long-term relationships with some of the world’s premium agribusinesses, we help primary producers match the gap between:

  • Regions of the world which have excess natural pasture resources (eg. Australia, New Zealand and parts of the Americas); and
  • Nations which do not have the pastoral land required for backgrounding and breeding stock in country, but need to maintain cattle herds for food security and biosecurity reasons.

Our responsibilities:

We prioritise safe delivery of happy, healthy cattle, through low-stress handling across the supply chain including at time of selection, agistment, quarantining, and transport (this includes sea-transport on some of the world’s best purpose designed vessels). We deal only with nations which are signatories to global animal welfare (OIE) conventions and only with customer agribusinesses which have met our Board’s due diligence requirements.

Our reach:

  • AUSTREX Southern Australia: Operates in temperate regions of Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales, specialising in premium Bos Taurus breeder cattle.
  • AUSTREX New Zealand: Operates across both the North Island and South Island, with a 40-year track record of excellence.
  • AUSTREX International: Sources specialty cattle from both North and South America to AUSTREX’s exacting standards of cattle selection and care.

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Elite Breeding

Robust livestock genetics, health and fertility is a foundation of global food-security, biosecurity and best-practice in animal welfare.

Our Elite Breeding business trading as AUSTREX Elite Breeding specialises in air-freight of high-value breeder livestock across both Australia and New Zealand. We also develop Australian-bred and backgrounded Wagyu cattle for niche markets, including feeder cattle export to premium customers in Japan.

Shima Wagyu

Our newest breeding and genetics business, Shima Wagyu owns a specialty full blood Wagyu cattle herd located in Tasmania. We provide both breeder cattle and semen to primary producers seeking to further enhance their herds for premium markets.


AgTrade Pastoral is our in-house “virtual cattle station”. It agists and backgrounds cattle on over 50 carefully selected properties across southern Australia to meet a wide range of both international and local Australian premium cattle market requirements.

AUSTREX Breeder and Dairy Cattle Supply Chain