Feeder and Beef Cattle

Australia is one of the world’s most biologically-secure, environmentally efficient and low-carbon provenances for raising and backgrounding high-quality beef cattle.

The tropical and semi-arid rangelands which span the northern third of the Australian continent are amongst the best-managed and most productive savannah rangelands in the world.

Australia’s location adjacent to Asian nations creates opportunities to meet food-security needs, while providing safe, affordable protein from well-managed supply chains.

Northern Feeder and Beef Cattle

AUSTREX Northern Australia is a tropical breed cattle business that sources beef cattle from Northern Australian producers for export to selected customers, with a current focus on a portfolio of Indonesian customers with whom we have long-term relationships with, and have collaboratively made significant ESCAS and traceability systems investment.

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For premium wagyu feeder cattle, please see Elite Breeding

Northern Feeder Cattle