Beef and Protein

AgTrade plays a vital role in providing safe, healthy beef and other protein globally to ensure food-security. Consistent with our philosophy of “working back from what the customer wants”, we export Australian-processed boxed beef and other animal proteins to supply chains across the globe.

Branded beef and other protein

Paradigm Foods embrace niche opportunities to create impactful Australian protein brands and products to global and domestic markets.

We build transparent relationships with our producer base, processors and customers allowing us to create partnerships that are mutually beneficial to all parties in the supply chain.

The Paradigm Foods portfolio of premium brands includes: Muse Australian Wagyu, ICON XB Wagyu, YUGO XB Wagyu, Roam Australian Grass Feed Beef, Scot of the South Australian Black Angus, Roots Regenerative Beef, Margra Lamb and Alba Lamb.

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